Miss me?

Can’t believe that the last time I posted was on return from the UK  in Feruary.  That was the very beginning of a long year that I am hopeuflly wrapping up very soon (seeing as how I don’t really have much time left).  I won’t fill you in on all the details in this post (mostly because then what would I write about), but life in all it’s details is dragging me to places that I couldn’t imagine at the time of that last post.  Hold on for 2009!

Nao Falo Portuguese

Why is this guy staring at me?
He just asked me a question, what did he say?
Where am I, again?
Another restaurant.
Doys? Menu en Ingles?
Ahhhh, there’s that look.
The look of acknowlegement.
The look that my pronunciation was flawlessly wrong.
Every part of it.
Except the last word.
He always gets the last word.
And the phone gets picked up, the manager dialed.
Do you speak Italian, he asks?
Or maybe it’s German or French.
Of course not, we speak Ingles.
Actually, I’m not sure my English is any good anymore either.
But for now the necessities of life must be provided.
Food, Transportation, Toiletries, Translation Books.
Goh-streeh-yah falar Portuguese.

Where the hell do I live?

I thought it was bad enough that I am a stone’s throw away from Plano, Addison, and Carrollton yet I live in Dallas….but now I find out that even though I live in Dallas, I’m actually not in Dallas county, but Collin county instead (and only out of Denton county by a city block)! I may have to demand redistricting just to get my head around all of this craziness.