No, you won't be asked to taste the breast milk

Well, you have spoken and TSA has responded….yes, that’s right, as of August 4th you may carry cigarrette lighters and breast milk on board. Phew, my weekly commute just got so much easier.

Just looking at the statistics it becomes clear why the lighter ban (now at the discretion of the TSA instead of the blame being placed on a congressional mandate) is being repealed. 22,000 lighters a day? Yeah, Bic will be none too happy with this policy change. The lengthy FAQ, though, makes sure you understand what a cigarette lighter is and what to do with it when going through security. Well sort of:

Q. Does your lighter need to be in a baggie since it contains liquid?
A. No. TSA’s common-sense approach harmonizes with worldwide standards for lighters.

We’re changing our minds cause no one else does it that way. Common sense or peer pressure?

And my personal favorite:

Q. Why is breast milk not a threat?
A. Breast milk is a medical necessity and it is being classified as such. It must be declared at the checkpoint.

Did you get past the question? Because I’m sure that many a new mother has asked a TSA agent that exact question without being returned an answer beyond the excuse that it is a liquid. Now we have an answer. Because it has been reclassified.

So enjoy your lighters and your milk (remember to inform them before screening of it’s origin) and applaud the TSA when they change their policies for the better.