Going on a flight?

Apparently European regulations are making airlines think twice about effeciency versus safety. If you have a problem with a trans-atlantic flight with only three engines of a four engine jet working, you are not alone. But you may not get a choice in the matter. Professing that the plane can still operate with only two engines doesn’t calm my nerves entirely either. With 35,000 feet seperating me and the ocean surface, I want to know that I have as many safeguards in place as possible, EVEN if that makes me a couple of hours, nay days, late.

Have you read any of these…ALL of the way through

The top ten bestselling books of all time. Most of us, I feel assured, can guess what at least one of these books is without clicking the link. If for some bizarre reason you’re expecting to see Danielle Steele novels or Stephen King frightfests on this list, you might be sorely surprised and you better view the list now before you hurt yourself. With the exception of #8 (Message to Garcia) and #10 (Valley of the Dolls), all of the other books could be considered reference manuals, my opinion. Granted there’s a little difference in style between “The Holy Bible” and the “Guiness Book of World Records” but they are there for very similar reasons, providing guidance to the goals in your life. Spirtuality vs. Elbow Licking. Tough matchup but apparently they are almost (read: at least they both made the top ten list) equally as motivating to purchase a bound copy of the newest, updated tome. The most amazing similarity between at least the top seven volumes: I’m not sure I know a single person who has actually READ these books all the way through. There’s a reason they aren’t on the first kiosk you see as you walk into Barnes and Noble.