It's Friday…

ain’t got no job, ain’t got… you know how the rest goes. After awaking ever so early and starting the water for that caffeine kick known to the world as coffee, cameron, chris oliver, and I went to play a round of disc golf at Searight. 5 minutes from the house and on a weekday morning, nicely abandoned. That used to be an advantage so I didn’t have to feel guilty about the constant foraging for lost discs but my game is starting to improve. Now we just worry about large groups of people in front of us drinking and smoking and pushing the baby in an unnaturally large SUV-like off-road stroller and not letting us play through.

Home to study for my interview Saturday. It was supposed to be a mixed day of studying and finishing some details on the Turbo Dwarf website. Alas, the banal plans were destroyed when Cameron’s girlfriend showed up with 4 friends in tow and asked why I wasn’t going to go down to Sculpture Falls. Not really being able to come up with a convincing reason to counter the arguments (all four of them) my studying would have to wait.

I’ve written before about the greenbelt here in Austin and Sculpture Falls adds another destination worth the hike. And it’s really a hike down a steep trail with lots of rocks and barbed wire. Of course you could drop in off of MoPac and take the long way in, but what fun would that be. No injuries to report and we spent the afternoon swimming and lounging and trying to not make those people not actively participating in our game of catch accidently active.

All in all, I can feel the summer winding down. School is starting and August is almost over. Of course, what that really means is all of the students are back in town and the temperate weeks in Texas (when you actually want to be outside most of the day without a swimming pool or jacket) are on the way. Not exactly a bad time to be in Austin.