8 thoughts on “If only I worked for Cartoon Network

  1. Such a productive work day…

    I’m for the movie, I don’t know about James. Guess I should ask… When can we go see Aqua Teen?

  2. MovieFone says it’s not playing “in my area.” Jerks.

    I dunno… plan B?

    Speaking of B – she wants to go see something tonight too, so is it cool if we all go together? (assuming we can find/agree on a movie)

  3. James read the article about the two girls talking in class through the blog too…
    Seriously, I wouldn’t know anything interesting if you two didn’t send me links all day.

  4. Cool with me if B wants to come along. I haven’t seen her in a while. J – she’s cool, you’ll like her. What else looks good?

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