West Wing Weekend

I try not to watch a lot of television, especially in the summer. I don’t always suceed, but more often than not I would have watch longer if I allowed myself to. Alas, the Bravo channel is luring me in.

Perhaps one of the best written and produced shows of the last 4 years, is The West Wing. My Wednesdays, during the fall and spring, are reserved for watching that block of programming. I religiously tune in. Okay, maybe I missed an episode last season, but out of 23-24 shows, that’s not bad. Now Bravo has announced the West Wing Weekend which includes the first five episodes of the show as well as an impressive roster of other shows and movies presidential. As if that were not enough, they will then proceed to syndicate The West Wing every Monday-Thursday at 11pm. I am usually reading or wathcing The Daily Show, but I am afraid my schedule is about to change.

Hopefully I won’t get hopelessly addicted, but I finally get the chance to really watch the reruns and enjoy the show from the beginning.

What does your state do for you?

I know that it’s cold up north, but today I was informed of a fascinating reason to live in Alaska – they’ll pay you! According to my trusty SF Chronicle, “Dividends are paid to every Alaskan who has lived in the state for a year. About 623,000 applications have been received this year.” The expected amount is about $1100 but won’t be officially announced until September 24th. Following an oil discovery in 1976, the Alaska Permanent Fund was started to allow all of the citizens to benefit from the farming of Alaskas natural resources. Growing up in Texas I don’t think I ever made a dime off of the oil leaving the state, but then again I never woke up at midnight and the sunlight was cascading over a giant polar bear thinking, “Mmm, snack!”

Lack of posts lately

“Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

(So, have I been distressed lately or happy, as evidenced by the lack of recent entries? Rephrased: indolence or indulgence in real life as opposed to in writing?)