A Change in the Weather

Twenty minutes ago there was sun. It wasn’t exactly a warm spring day in Texas, but the world was light. As I read a couple of articles online, the room grew darker. The whole house was depressed into a dull, grey reality. Then the rain began to fall sideways, blowing in fast and pelting the house and yard with large beads of water. The thunder is beginning to be heard and the storm will continue. At least for another twenty minutes.

11 Years

My door opened this morning around 7:15, and my father’s face seemed to say it all. I can’t deny that after seeing my grandmother three nights ago that I didn’t understand the inevitability of her situation. Driving over I had heard on the radio a report on the staggering size of the “death” business in the US. More than the hip hop industry, more than the music biz, more money than our mocha chai latte society could manage to spend on importing coffee every year.