The Morning Show

I am still looking for that perfect wake up call. I have only had two alarm clocks in my entire life.

My first was a brown affair with a bright red LEd display. As far as I know, it is still ready to wake someone up at my parents house should the opportunity present itself. The alarm clock I adopted my freshman year of college has served valiantly for eight years now. The indiglo glow is much preferable late at night and I always set the date function but never use it.

I have always preferred the radio to a loud, jarring blast of pure sine waves. Give me a calm classic rock radio station that knows not to disturb anyone too early and I will be happy. Even talk radio if I happen to be getting up that early as long as the DJ’s (that don’t usually spin discs) aren’t too annoying. I don’t want Howard Stern, but something with a local flair can be good for easing into the sunlight.

Unfortunately I am still looking for THAT station here in Austin. I know I will find it, but until then I haven’t be waking up as easy as before.

I Want My Starbucks

On a rainy Sunday morning, nothing can be more enjoyable than a large cup of coffee and the Sunday paper. While I was in Alameda, this was easily accomplished with a quick 2 block walk to my local Starbucks, nestled in the tiny community along the main drag. It had nothing to do with the brand of coffee, just the location and ease of access. Unfortunately, I am now stuck in the suburban sprawl of South Austin where you need to drive anywhere and everywhere, including the local coffee shop. So it’s no longer as easy as throwing on some clothes and walking down the street. I miss my local Starbucks.

The Ape of a Conglomerate

Clicking through some news and links and landed on the Who Owns What web site. The Columbia Journalism Review has listed media companies and which networks they own. Growing up in Dallas, Belo was a major company with media outlets nationwide. Curious as to their current holdings, I noticed that they own dual TV stations in a couple of markets: Tuscon, Spokane, Phoenix. And the two that really caught my eye, the pair in Seattle.


Good Giveaways

As I headed out the door at full stride, on the way to work, I had a crucial decision to make. Subway or Schlotzsky’s. What could I say, cold cuts or warm sandwich, long sub or round bun, build it yourself or accept the regular ingredients? After many, many seconds of consultation and a discussion with my brain trust, Subway was declared the winner.

Thrilled with my choice and waiting to pay, the cashier asked if I would like a cookie with my order. “No thanks, not today,” I responded. Click. A commercial I had seen, something about… And then she rebutted, “but it’s Free Cookie Day!” Of course it was, how could I forget free cookie day. So on the way to work, complements of Subway, I enjoyed a fantastic White Macadamia Nut cookie.

Random Net Pieces

Sometimes my morning is just shocked awake with a couple of pieces of news strung together, for instance:

June holds the new release from Chris Robinson, who recently reunited with brother Rich and organist Eddie Harsch to play “Sometimes Salvation,” fueling whispers about one of the greatest rock bands left in the wings.

The Simpson’s voice talent feel that their skills are worth about $60,000 and hour and are ignoring Homer’s advice by striking. As the sage once said, “If you don’t like your job, you don’t strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American Way.”

And finally, another pending album release in June but the new material from Wilco has already been leaked. I might have listened to it, and it might not be mastered and might not be completely mixed, but it’s definitely going to be a great buy in June.

I bypassed my morning Dr. Pepper due to the fact that I had already wiped the sleep from my eyes, just to make sure I read everything right.