The direction the ball bounces SHOULD reflect directly on the influence exerted by the player

After reflecting on Match Point on the drive home last night:

  • It was great to watch a Woody Allen film that didn’t subject you to 1930’s clarinet music
  • Woody Allen might only be able to write a movie about infidelity where the adulterer actually comes out ahead in the end…with or without moral guilt
  • The striking metaphor that begins the movie balances on the precipice of progress, yet throughout the movie it becomes unclear whether actually moving forward, whether your decisions made for the right reasons, actually push the balance in progress’ favor

When a butterfly flaps it's wings

A clip from that was clipped from the NYT:

Nor does China’s air pollution respect borders: on certain days almost 25 percent of the particulate matter clotting the skies above Los Angeles can be traced to China, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental experts in California predict that China could eventually account for roughly a third of the state’s air pollution.

No Call Zone

I’m with the 57% of American who don’t wish for unlimited phone privileges on an airplane. Offices with cubes are bad enough, think about 135 people in a metal tube all with cell phones. All talking. The whole flight.

I know myself well enough to understand that I am not responsible enough to not annoy grandma in front of me or sleepy, red-eye traveler behind me. I would talk too loud for someone. And someone would probably be talking over me. Turn the phone off, put the phone down…and just enjoy the little spare time that we receive between cities.