Good Giveaways

As I headed out the door at full stride, on the way to work, I had a crucial decision to make. Subway or Schlotzsky’s. What could I say, cold cuts or warm sandwich, long sub or round bun, build it yourself or accept the regular ingredients? After many, many seconds of consultation and a discussion with my brain trust, Subway was declared the winner.

Thrilled with my choice and waiting to pay, the cashier asked if I would like a cookie with my order. “No thanks, not today,” I responded. Click. A commercial I had seen, something about… And then she rebutted, “but it’s Free Cookie Day!” Of course it was, how could I forget free cookie day. So on the way to work, complements of Subway, I enjoyed a fantastic White Macadamia Nut cookie.

2 thoughts on “Good Giveaways

  1. Unfortunately, the South side of Austin does not offer the Quizno’s dining experience. Oh, and those damn annoying singing rats kinda turned me off to eating at the big Q!

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