Movin' on Up

3 cities and 5 residences in 5 years.

This weekend I finally moved into my permanent residence in Dallas. After finally getting a breather from travel and the holidays behind us, my next mission was to find and move into an apartment. It’s amazingly difficult to decide where to live in a new city when you work out of your house and don’t have any major conditions for physical location. In San Francisco I was bound by price and wanting a true urban experience. In Austin, my house was predetermined by a vacant bedroom in a houseful of good friends. Dallas…well, it’s taking a lot of getting used to (again), but thanks to another set of good friends, I was able to focus on my new job and the transition without the pressure of a new domicile.

I am truly excited about finally moving into my own place. IKEA gift certificates in hand, I have purchased a new (King size) bed and am slowly unplacking boxes…some of which have been taped up since September of ’03. This is definitely going to be an experience!


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