Things I've learned during my last 24 hours in Costa Rica

  • The power plugs are identical to the US, except with wider mood (read “voltage”) swings
  • The water’s OK to drink, mostly.
  • America has already settled in….I can see an Office Depot out my window as I type.
  • I can pick up Hooters Costa Rica shirts for my souvenirs.
  • McDonalds, among many others, provides servicio express. That’s delivery to you and I.
  • Parking attendants are really extortionists who stand in parking lots and scratch your car if you don’t tip them.
  • You won’t get a ticket for driving while intoxicated, but you will for talking on your cell phone.
  • Red lights also seem optional.
  • Prostitution is legal. And I read that in a book, reallly.
  • One day is not enough time to be a tourist if you have to work half of the day.

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