I'm beginning to get paranoid

Stopped by Best Buy this morning to pick up the new DMB cd (not convinced about the new producer yet) and made sure to park in the middle of the parking lot, away from any other cars, which was fairly easy due to the store only being open for 4 minutes. On the way out of the store, I look up from opening my new cd and notice a beat up old tahoe entering the parking lot….turning onto the same row….pulling in immediately next to my sparkling, aura-surrounded truck. “You better not….” I muttered under my breath. As I was walking around the front of my truck, the lady exiting the driver seat opens the door with careless disregard and it slowly swung open, easing pass the first notch and finally tapping my truck door.

That’s right, I got to witness my truck’s first door ding. Baby’s all grown up now. Thankfully there is no visual scar, but what conceivable thought could have been going through that woman’s head, when the parking lot is all but empty and she decides to park directly next to the newest car in the parking lot!

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