Texas Weather

After years of some of the most moderate weather in the country, Texas is welcoming me back home. It feels like I’ve gone through more weather changes in the last three weeks than the last three years. Hot, cold, rain, wind, lightning, etc. It just keeps changing.

Don’t get me wrong, one of the things that I missed most about the weather was this exact phenomenon. On one of my first trips back from San Francisco, Ihad the opportunity to view a thunderstorm brew for several hours. You knew it was coming and you knew that you had better finish anything outdoors that you had to do, because it was about to poor. When the storm finally blew in, it was magnificent, if only due to the buildup.

This is just not a scene you are going to experience in the Bay Area. It might have rained 3 or 4 times while I live there. I mean real rain, actual drops, not the heavy mist that you might occasionaly get (more than occasionally out in the Avenues).

The microclimates treated me well, but I like the fact that I get to experience actual seasons now, even if I don’t necessarily like the weather they bring.

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