Home Sweet Home

Now that the dust has settled (or rather been vacummed and swiffed away) my move to Austin is final. After almost 5 months of traveling and visiting with family and friends, I have a room that I can call my own. No more of my sister’s furniture or futon surfing. No more claiming my occupation of the moment as a nomad. I think I might even have more posessions in one room than will fit in my vehicle, a serious step in actually calling a new town my home.

I say new town, but in reality a part of me has maintained some residence in Austin for many years. It was the escape from San Marcos, a larger metropolis with unique focus on music and film and Texas. Everytime I flew in from San Francisco and they circled over downtown Austin for final approach, I felt the connection with the city. With the opportunity to return and experience the city as a resident instead of visitor, I am excited to not only have a bedroom but to have a city that resonates with my personality.

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