What? Where?

Local news in smaller towns can be brutal. Denise whatshername’s workout show is shot at very scenic ocean overlooks, but if you aren’t into jazzercise, it’s time to move on. The banter on Fox and Friends is almost unbearable. Saved by the Bell isn’t on early enough. So recently I’ve been in a rut of watching CNN/HN in the morning at hotels. The seugues can be a beating, but at least it fills in the gaps until I can read my gratis copy of USA Today (which I have a theory that 99% of their circulation is based on delivery to hotels).

Head On has been advertising a lot lately, and the commercials are amazingly repetitive and uninformative. But damn if I don’t want to apply it directly to my forhead to see what magic happens.

This is exactly why I don’t have a television in my bedroom.

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