Indiana joins the 21st century

We can go ahead and lose the hysterics on this one guys.

“This is like Y2K except this one is really happening,” said university IT spokesman Steve Tally.

Indiana joining the rest of the country in observing daylight savings time is NOT going to plunge the state into darkness or cause the banking system to lose track of acoount balances.

You might miss a meeting. You might be hungry at the wrong times. You might be late for work. Of course, I might be late as well considering my weekend is shorted a full 3600 seconds. I know I regain that time in the fall, but it’s so much nicer to stay out late and know that you can actually sleep in for an extra hour. But observing daylight savings time and the reasons behind it are a whole other article.

My suggestion, just look at your watch….after you set it forward one hour.

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