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Just noticed an interesting stat: Out of all of my categories for this blog, only two have no entries after roughly a year and a half of semi-regular nonposting.

The first is work. Now I understand all of the liabilities surrounding commenting online about your workplace, but I have been pretty fortunate that most of my coworkers and bosses would not have had any qualms with any musings or observations. And then again, sometimes what happens at work, stays at work. That’s really more for my sanity than anything else.

The second category uncommented on is audio which, when this blog started, was work. Now it’s a little more pleasure. Well, it pretty much always was pleasure, which is what happens when you can pursue a career that you are tuly passionate about. But now I’m getting to follow another passion of mine and audio is set to become a professional hobby for the time-being.

I’m not completely sure that the fact that both of these categories remained uncommented on was a coincedence. What I do know is that I’m now in a position to continue to enjoy both of the categories independently and maybe I’ll have a little to say about both audio and work.

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