In Pursuit of Fewer Customers

Good article in Newsweek about the record industry and their refusal to come to their senses regarding online sales of music. Not only have the costs of CD’s not come down since their inception, despite technology costs diving downwards, but the labels now want to charge even more for those 1’s and 0’s that they are selling you.

And to make sure that everyone plays fair, they are still finding online file sharers and taking them to court. Suing your customers, or even potential customers is, at best, an expensive business plan. How about listening to what music fans really want and moving into online sales with a vengence. There are too many opportunities to empty the wallets of people to mandate propping up an aging sales model that is not satisfying anyone except the corporate execs.

Rules of economics state that with rising demand comes lower costs. The record industry is really trying to prove Alfred Marshall and John Maynard Keynes wrong.

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