Adult Parties

After graduating college and having a real job, I thought that my transition to adulthood was fairly complete. Granted, I haven’t bought my first house or had kids, the settling down part of maturity, but I have finally broached the post academic world and was just starting to enjoy it. And it was with this framing that I went to a party on Saturday night. Sounds exciting, right? Not really.

That’s because it was a birthday party… at a bowling alley. Correct, a bowling alley. As in what you would expect to see on an episode of Roseanne. Seriously, this girl was turning like 26 or 27. And yes, secretly there is nothing truly wrong with going bowling, but when, during your prime years, especially when single and dating, you choose to host an all-ages, cake-eating, giggling, silly celebration you are truly just wishing that you were 12 again. That’s why you have kids, then you don’t have to look like the responsible party.

So while everyone else is getting older, I am actually regressing to sixth grade. Next weekend I heard we might play spin the bottle at Billy’s house, but only if his parents stay downstairs.

Enjoy your adulthood

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